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6440Re: [Hammock Camping] Silk Hammock & thaisilks

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  • Paul Kaercher
    Aug 3, 2004
      Much obliged for the detailed and timely information.
      It seems like 8mm silk will work for my 166 lb. carcass.

      Do you find the silk gauze to be noseeum proof?
      I intend to treat the gauze with permethrin so even if the gauze is
      not midge proof they probably would not survive crawling through
      the netting.
      BTW- I add some liquid woolite to the 0.5% permethrin solution.
      This reduces the surface tension of the liquid resulting in the
      netting being thoroughly wetted and retaining more liquid during
      the drying process. This presumably will result in the netting
      having more permethrin attached to it when dry.

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