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6434Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Waking with a sore throat..

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  • ra1@imrisk.com
    Aug 3, 2004
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      Quoting ccp5655 <cpeters41@...>:

      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "ghman777" <ghman777@y...> wrote:
      > > I must sleep with my mouth open because I wake up early with a dry
      > > sore throat. Worse in cold dry weather. I cover myself almost
      > > completely with my Pea Pod to keep the breathing air warm, but Id
      > > much rather be more out in the open in warm weather. My quilt doesnt
      > > stay over my head but really dont want it to anyway. Besides duct
      > > tape.. anyone identify or have any solutions?
      > I have the same problem, but I think it's from breathing the colder,
      > drier air than I'm used to. I use a fleece neckwarmer pulled up over
      > my mouth and nose. The moisture from my breath condenses on the fleece
      > when I exhale and evaporates when I inhale. This helps humidify the
      > air I breath.
      > Clark
      I tested a commercial balaclava that works very well with dry cold air.

      What I said in the report was:

      "The balaclava keeps me warm from the inside out. The counter-current moisture
      and heat saving module keeps my mouth and throat warm. I do not find myself
      coughing on difficult hill climbs, like I have in the past when the air was very

      During my cold weather overnights, I sleep with the balaclava covering my nose
      and mouth. Wearing the balaclava in very cold weather helps my sleep. The
      coughing I often have had in the past when sleeping outdoors, because of dry
      throat in the cold, is eliminated. Sleeping with it over my mouth has very
      occasionally given me a bit of a panic, waking to thoughts I am being
      suffocated. It does take some getting used to while sleeping, before setting
      forth for a long adventure."

      The report is here:


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