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6432Re: [Hammock Camping] Silk Hammock & thaisilks

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  • Bill Fornshell
    Aug 2, 2004
      Hi Paul, The silk you are looking for is called
      Habotai - China Silk. For the body of the hammock I
      used item 26L, 8mm which is 1.02oz per square yard,
      54" wide, it is $4.65 a yard. The bug net was silk
      gauze item 24N, 3.5mm which is .45oz, 36" wide, it is
      $1.75 a yard. I weigh 168 pounds and I am 6' tall.
      If you weigh much more than I do you might want a
      heavier silk for the body of the hammock. You can get
      the silk in 10mm which is 1.28oz per square yard. The
      next heaver is 15.5mm which is 1.98oz per square yard.
      You determine square yard weight of silk by what
      the (mm) is listed as.

      If I was making a new silk hammock I would use the
      same silk. I have been painting on silk, dyed my own
      silk for things I was making and have used this kind
      of silk for about 10 years. The only thing I would do
      different is use less Velcro. I hate Velcro. I have
      been using a hammock for almost 40 years. My first
      hammocks (years ago) were made of silk and the bug net
      was draped over a ridge line and fell around the
      hammock. Small rocks were tied on the bug net and
      this worked great. People have been doing it that way
      for years. Think about what 17' of Velcro weighs.

      If you need more information let me know.
      Bill in Texas

      -- Paul Kaercher <yomas_1@...> wrote:

      > Bill
      > I've read how pleased you are with your silk
      > hammock.
      > I briefely checked out the thaisilks website and am
      > daunted by
      > the choices. There doesn't seem to be a listing of
      > what the
      > different silk fabrics weigh.
      > Which silk fabric did you use and with hindsight
      > would you use
      > that fabric again? Thanks.
      > Paul

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