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6429Re: [Hammock Camping] Trip Report

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  • Mirage
    Aug 2, 2004
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, SF Nazdarovye
      <nazdarovye@y...> wrote:
      > I'll look forward to seeing the pics - and would love to hear more
      > about your super-light hammock setup. Have you described the
      > and construction earlier here, or posted them anywhere?
      > - Steve


      No, I've not yet posted pics or construction details, not for lack
      of intent.

      I've been so busy designing and constructing that my efforts to
      document online have fallen behind. I desperately need to
      reorganize my website and make more useful and descriptive.

      The hammock is 1.1oz nylon, folded ends, whipped with the hang lines
      (3/8" poly line), 10' poly pro webbing "tree huggers", and home made
      snake skins. The hammock rough dimensions are 8'x4', although I
      believe I will add another 6" to the length in my next interation.

      The bug netting is hard top describe, but will hopefully be clear
      from the pictures (when I post them). It wraps around the outside
      of the underquilt/peapod, but does not completely enclose it (like I
      said, hard to describe).

      You've seen my cat tarps before, nothing new there.

      Suprisingly, the ranger on duty this weekend had never seen anyone
      use a hammock for over night sleeping!! She was very impressed with
      the concept and how light it and compact it was.

      Shane "mirage"...
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