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6426Re: [Hammock Camping] Speer Hammock Design

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  • Karen Sousa
    Aug 2 1:00 PM
      The other option I often use is to leave the bug net in place and
      close the PeaPod for about 4 inches on either end. This draws the
      edges close enough together that the sides of the hammock are
      protected from drafts, but its not so warm that you are roasting
      during those transition temp nights.

      This is the method I used the night we had skeeters so bad I
      coulnd't sleep because they were so loud! I didn't get a single bite
      that night and stayed toasty warm.


      >Instead I generally remove the bug net from one side of the
      >hammock and then just partially secure the PeaPod around me and the
      >hammock leaving a large breather hole--then I use the bug net by
      >pulling it over me without the ridgeline to cover the breather
      >hole, tucking the loose edge of the bug net down between the PeaPod
      and the hammock. >
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