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6425Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: New Hennessey Thing

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  • Bill Fornshell
    Aug 2, 2004
      Hi Ray, Thanks for the link to the new HH prototype.
      It is interesting. I am taking a different approach
      to staying warm in my hammock. It is interesting how
      everything on the market today looks alike. Maybe
      looks so conventional is a better way to say it.

      My concept tackles the classic old problem of staying
      warm in a Hammock in what I think is a brand new way.
      Really, it's an exercise in kind of stepping back and
      looking at ways to fundamentally rethink the goal.
      Hanging (hammock type thing) in something that will
      also keep you warm and comfortable down to (??) some
      preselected temperature. Have the ability to add or
      remove simple components for the temperature range you
      expect. Be very light and not cost to much to make
      yourself or buy. Sounds simple enough.

      I am looking at ways to use different materials in a
      new way.

      And YES, gardenville is a trail name with an
      interesting story connected to the first Ultra-light
      pack I made. I have talked a lot about about how
      happy I am with how the silk hammock has worked for me
      ever since Ed made it for me last summer. I am sure I
      have posted the Thai Silks web site here. This group
      gets so many messages old messages get hard to find


      Silk is really nice next to your skin.
      Bill in Texas (gardenville)

      --- Ray Garlington <rgarling@...> wrote:
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Bill
      > Fornshell
      > > I still didn't find the picture(s)
      > > except one of something hanging in a place like a
      > > workshop.
      > Bill,
      > Here is a picture of a prototype on whiteblaze:

      > The production version is really two shells: a
      > bottom one sold with
      > an open cell pad and top shell sold separately.
      > By the way, do you go by the name gardenville on the
      > lightweight
      > backpacker? If so I liked your recent description
      > of your silk
      > hammock and your preferred source for silk material.
      > I haven't seen
      > that post here, so perhaps there another silk
      > hammocker out there.

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