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6423Re: [Hammock Camping] BUG PROTECTION

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  • ra1@imrisk.com
    Aug 2, 2004
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      Quoting jonas4321@...:

      > Risk-
      > Your statement:
      > > Tom Hennessy, in the past, has maintained that his hammock material
      > > can not be penetrated by mosquitos. This has not been my experience
      > with
      > > single layer ripstop nylon hammocks in general.
      > Does this mean that a double-bottom ripstop hammock is impervious to
      > mosquitos?
      > J
      I have not used any of my double bottom hammocks without a pad. I do not use a
      pad under my lower legs, but my quilt goes all the way around my legs below my
      knees. The time I slept all night without a pad was in a single layer 1.9 oz
      ripstop hammock, I did get a couple bites on my back, I believe through the
      fabric. I was bare backed against the single layer of fabric on that occasion.

      I do not know if wearing a shirt or using a double bottom hammock would decrease
      the number of successful mosquitoes. I do know that using permethrin on the
      hammock and the bugnetting helps to chase the fellers away before they settle
      down for dinner.

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