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6418Re: [Hammock Camping] BUG PROTECTION

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  • Mark Bayern
    Aug 2 10:47 AM
      >Tom Hennessy, in the past, has maintained that his hammock material can not be
      >penetrated by mosquitoes. This has not been my experience with single layer
      >ripstop nylon hammocks in general.
      >I look forward to your experiments and reporting your results. Many of us would
      >like to know these answers from a more than anecdotal background.
      I can report first hand, that the mosquitoes in Big Thicket National
      Preserve (Eastern Texas) could not penetrate m HH Ultra Asym, or my
      son's HH Scout. This was our first time with the hammocks (hence the
      local test), during late summer. Lots of mosquitoes -- no pads, no
      bites. It was a little odd for me hearing those mosquitoes nearby -- had
      to keep reminding myself they were 'outside'.

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