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6415Speer Hammock Design

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  • mattyg225
    Aug 2 9:40 AM

      Just a quick question about the Velcro set up on your hammocks.
      Would it be possible to alternate the Velcro type on the hammock or
      the pea pod so that the pod seals to both sides of the hammock when
      it is not fully sealed up?

      While in Yellowstone, I ran into very hardy mosquitoes, so while the
      nights were certainly cold enough to warrant the pea pod, the bug
      netting was still necessary. I tried to have the bug netting attach
      to about half the Velcro strip on the hammock, and then have the pea
      pod use the other half. However, only one side of the pod matched
      up with the hammock, so it was very drafty if the wind was blowing
      the wrong way, and always noticeably colder on one half of the body.


      Other than the one mild irritation, the entire system worked
      wonders. Yellowstone was definitely some of the worst weather I've
      used the hammock in, and while all of the tents around me were
      bailing water and wringing out sleeping bags from the monsoon, I was
      staying dry and enjoying the spectacular storm. Several people were
      eyeing up the rig, so hopefully you will have some additional
      business coming your way.
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