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6410First Hammock weekend at False Cape State park in VA

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  • moneymakerjk1
    Aug 2 8:26 AM
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      Went hiking/camping this past weekend with my brother in law to False
      Cape State Park (a beautiful place) with my new speer based
      hammock....which was wonderful! I was a tent camper many years
      ago,and quite un-necessarily carried in a tent too, just in case.
      NEVER needed it...even when it rained a bit....was high and dry and
      comfy in the hammock. My ONLY real difficulty was the bug net near my
      feet kept opening and a couple skeeters got in during the night to
      feast, but I think I know how to modify it to eliminate that problem.

      I also (a change from the speer design) used tubular nylon for the
      straps (I weigh 220) and just did not trust the poly straps I
      initially had....they stretched way too much for my taste during
      testing. In contrast, the nylon did NOT BUDGE. I did not have to
      reposition the hammock at all and really bounced around in it during
      the nights at times.....they are a bit heavier, but worked just fine.
      No slippage (I used the modified method RISK uses on his site).

      My ONLY other problem was blisters....two whoppers. LOL, but hey, 16
      miles (all totaled in and out) after 30+ years of NOT
      hiking/camping....I am pretty lucky.
      My YOUNGER brother in law....heh heh heh....was sore, and his hips
      hurt from sleeping on the ground even with a lite weight air
      he is NOW very interested in a hammock....lol.

      we are already planning our next trip....this time to the blue ridge

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