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  • Coy
    Aug 1, 2004
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      Hi Andrew

      If you tie the side tiouts to a tree and not to the ground with a
      stake you really dont loose coverage, in fact you gain a little. I
      usually set one side slightly lower than center and the other
      slightly higer but with enough differance to keep the A shap (very
      slightly) in tact. It is OK to go even further and have an inverted A
      if you make sure one end is lower than the other. I dont reccomend
      it but have done it. Of course it the wind is blowing you do need
      the sides down low... but deep in the woods the wind is usually not
      that bad. I've noticed a big differane in the wind when I camp in
      deep woods with no clearings around as apposed to 2 trees in my yard.

      Coy Boy
      PS confession time: I have been using a tent recently. I plan to
      repent and return to the flock in about 3 months.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "A M Acklen" <amacklen@b...>
      > Hi Everyone, I've been lurking the list for a while, learning about
      > camping. I'm a backpacker whenever possible and have been trying
      to lighten
      > my load for a couple of years. I just bought a Hennessey A-Sym
      last week.
      > I've set it up in the backyard a couple of times and had a look at
      some of
      > the great web sites that deal with hammock camping. The hammock is
      > comfortable and I can imagine that it is a great night's sleep in
      the back
      > country. My only real concern is - will I really stay dry during a
      > storm? The way I've got the fly set up, there's a differential of
      > at both head and foot - i.e. a "wide" side and a "not so wide" side
      at both
      > ends. I'm guessing this is correct - haven't found any other way
      to pitch
      > it, but I'm wondering if there is a better way? Also, I feel a
      > claustrophobic with the fly attached per the directions. I know
      some of you
      > tie a separate line above the hammock, but it seems this will
      further reduce
      > coverage in case of rain. I'm planning a trip to NC/TN in the fall
      and look
      > forward to hanging myself there!
      > Thanks,
      > Andrew
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