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6400Re: Staying dry

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  • dlfrost_1
    Aug 1, 2004
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "A M Acklen" <amacklen@b...>
      > My only real concern is - will I really stay dry during a real
      > storm?

      > Also, I feel a little
      > claustrophobic with the fly attached per the directions. I know
      some of you
      > tie a separate line above the hammock, but it seems this will
      further reduce
      > coverage in case of rain. I'm planning a trip to NC/TN in the fall
      and look
      > forward to hanging myself there!

      Well you can always replace it with a larger one. It's nice to have
      when you're going out where rain is more likely. A larger tarp can
      also be pitched higher above the hammock, relieving the closed-in

      (Hammockcampers: Have we reached a consensus on which replacement
      tarps are best yet?)

      The good news is that fall is a great time for camping in the
      southern Appalachians--it's bright and sunny with modest temps
      throughout most of September & October.

      Doug Frost
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