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6397Re: [Hammock Camping] Trip Report

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  • SF Nazdarovye
    Aug 1, 2004
      Rick - fun to read your report!

      Welcome to the world of the Adirondacks - that's where I grew up and
      got my love of backpacking; though there may be higher mountains
      elsewhere, the peaks there offer some true challenges. And it's
      definitely a hammocker's paradise.

      You going to go back and tackle some more?

      - Steve

      PS - here are some pictures from a trek up three of the bushwhacking
      peaks back in December; portions of this were through steep, steep
      spruce thickets and krummholz - not as extended a scramble as the Dix
      slide you were on, but still quite a battle!


      And here's my hammock on the shore of Long Lake along the
      Northville-Lake Placid trail - well worth doing if you ever get the


      On Aug 1, 2004, at 9:43 AM, Risk wrote:

      > Fellow Hammockers may enjoy the caption under the first picture on my
      > current homepage...
      > http://www.imrisk.com/
      > The Adirondacks are a hammock camper's paradise. There are lots of
      > places to legally hammock (150 feet from trail and water - and below
      > 3500 feet) and it is SO hard to find nice tent camping spots except
      > for the official camping spots.
      > My most recent hike is detailed here:
      > http://www.imrisk.com/adirondacks/adirondacks.htm
      > Risk
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