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6377hammock stand revisted

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  • robi
    Jul 25, 2004

      I was about to make a hammock stand along the lines of risk's.

      but the missus said she would like one made out of bamboo instead. ya
      know, it's purdyer.

      so, i seem to remember somebody a long time ago talking about that ehre.

      Hit me with all ideas on a bamboo stand...

      And also, how do you convince your travelling partners that there is no
      need to fill the car up just because stuff can still fit in it and that
      includes the box on top...

      i hate packng fro family trips cos nobody listens to me that we do not
      need 1/2 of the stuff....


      On Thu, 15 Jul 2004 07:51:17 -0400, <ra1@...> wrote:

      > Quoting Steve McBride <drsm@...>:
      >> Hey Risk,
      >> Do you have a page describing your new method of attaching the bug
      >> netting?
      >> And are you still using chiffon, or have you gone to noseeum netting?
      >> The
      >> chiffon has worked well for me so far.
      >> Steve M
      > Other than the one purple hammock, I have used noseeum. It costs the
      > same, but
      > I have to mail order it. Advantages are:
      > - does not get wet in fog and
      > - does not need to be cut with a hot knife to keep it from unraveling.
      > I experimented with a nylon noseeum like fabric from walmart, but am
      > concerned
      > the holes in the mesh are large enough to allow noseeums to enter.
      > I now sew a strip of grosgrain along the middle of a 60 inch wide piece
      > of
      > noseum, attaching two clips to that grosgrain. They hook into a couple
      > D rings
      > on the hammock straps. The ends are covered/sealed by the
      > hammocktubes. I sew
      > a pocket on the inside of each side into which I can slip something with
      > several
      > ounces of weight... either something from the pack or a small stone.
      > Picture of this set-up is with ZHammock here:
      > http://www.imrisk.com/zhammock/zhammock.htm
      > See the third and fourth pictures.
      > Risk
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