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6292Re: [Hammock Camping] More Cheap and Easy

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  • Ralph Oborn
    Jul 11, 2004
      Anything for the troop

      I used it to pull a van out of a mudhole. I was just thinking of
      using it to go from hammock to treehuggers. Or maybe to the multiple
      wraps a la Ed Speer.
      To use as a tow rope OI had to use a Fishermans Jam knot.
      Isn't it nice that our wives help us to be more frugal.

      Where you at? Where do you do tour camping, which age group.

      Ralph (I used to be an Antelope)

      > Ralph-
      > I have 100' of muletape in my backpack (I am not an ultralight
      camper, I tend to only campout with my Troop). I keep it there for
      emergencies (like pulling a truck out of a mudhole). It is truly
      amazing stuff. Mine is rated to 1800 lbs.
      > It is used by people who run cable through conduit, mostly
      underground. They use a blower or a vacuum to send the muletape
      through the conduit, tie the cable on and use a winch or truck
      bumper to pull the cable through the conduit. It is extremely
      lightweight. If you can hook up with a cabling company, you can
      probably get several hundred feet for free (once it is used a time
      or two, they are okay with discarding it). That's how I got mine.
      > I don't think it would be good for attaching a hammock to a tree
      because it is so narrow it would tend to damage a tree the same way
      that a rope would (I use 1" poly webbing to avoid that). It also
      does not maintain its flat shape well like webbing does, so even a
      water knot is quite difficult to untie once a load has been put on
      > Finally, it snags very easily, unlike the poly webbing I use. I
      think it would get messy after a few uses on a tree.
      > Just my 2 cents. I have enjoyed reading of your ventures through
      > hammocking on the cheap! I am also a cheap-o, but is more due to
      my wife controlling what I spend than anything else <grin>.
      > J
      > On Sun, 11 Jul 2004 04:06:40 -0000 "Ralph Oborn" <polecatpop@y...>
      > writes: In the continuing quest to go real cheap an easy. I found
      70 ft. of poly pull cable in my Dad's garage. It is called muletape
      is about 3/4 inch and it says 2500 lbs on it. I used it to pull
      somebodys truck out of a mud hole so I think it is pretty tough.
      > > Any way when I looked it up on the web it is only 8 cents a
      foot. And they advertise it as extremely low stretch). The catch is
      that price is for 3,000 ft ($276). (enough for 100 hammocks)
      > > I'll check with a friend at church tomorrow to see if you can
      get smaller lots (electrical supply house).
      > >
      > > Ralph, (Cheap an Easy)
      > >
      > >
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