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  • Mirage
    Jul 6, 2004
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, ra1@i... wrote:
      > Quoting Frances Jason <categrrl@y...>:
      > > I've got two wee ones (1 and 3) and we all love hiking and
      > > With all the rain we have been having, it seems like a hammock
      > > be a good alternative carrying around a muddy tent.
      > >
      > However, from the get-go - be careful of little ones in hammocks.
      Though I do
      > not have much experience, two risks are obvious:
      > - falling - lesser of the two risks
      > - getting squished between hammock and adult - greater of two risks
      > Either could hurt/kill a little one.

      Ditto, don't plan on finding a hammock for multiple people AND
      camping. Let alone the discomfort, there is the obvious danger to
      little ones Rick mentions above.

      My boys, 4 and 7, now sleep in hammocks about 30% of the time for
      bed time, and my 7 yr old has been out over night with me. I set
      them up in seperate hammocks with thier own insulation. I try to
      find tree arrangements where we can tie off to one tree at the feet
      and two trees at the head and the we share the tarp.

      Family camping with hammocks is a diffenent experience and not
      suited to everyone. There is great pyscological comfort in sleeping
      next to a parent in a common shelter (tent) for young children
      sleeping outdoors. Until they are acclimated and ready (only you
      will know that) you may have to plan on ground sleeping with them.

      If I go out with my oldest, we hammock camp, but when its both boys,
      we tarp or tent camp since the youngest is still uneasy in the woods
      at night. When it is the whole family, we take the MONSTER cabin
      tent (car camping) AND the hammocks. We lounge in the hammocks
      during the day (when we're not "playing") and sleep in the tent at
      night. As the kids get older (i also have a 2 yr old) we may
      migrate towards hammock camping as a family, but who knows...

      For now it is just a backpacking experience for me and my oldest,
      not for our family car camping trips.

      Definately try to acclimate them to hammock sleeping at home first
      though. That has helped my boys tremendously.

      Just some personal insight and opinion, YMMV.

      Shane "Mirage"...
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