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6245Mosquito Hammock in Myakka

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  • David Chinell
    Jul 3 12:25 PM

      I took the Mosquito Hammock on an overnight to Myakka State Park last
      weekend, and it performed beautifully. It's quickly becoming a favorite
      model because it works in two distinct modes.

      I think of this as a "day and night" hammock.

      I hang the hammock as one might normally do, but I don't tie up the netting.
      During the day, I flip the netting side down, and use the hammock for
      lounging or as a chair or a shelf while I putter around camp.

      When evening (and the mosquito) comes, I flip the hammock back to nighttime
      mode, with the netting side up, and tie up the bungee lines to tension the

      The manufacturer is now offering a long model -- nine feet long, rather than
      eight. The long model uses dark rather then light netting. It's body is
      camouflage colored. Evidently it was produced for the French Foreign Legion!

      If you're a hammock consumer, rather than a developer or maker, I think
      these are a great value. $60 for the regular one, and $70 for the long one.

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