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6212Re: [Hammock Camping] slowing down the kids

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  • Thomas Peltier@Goldenautomotive.com
    Jun 25, 2004
      I have had a few ADHD kids who were on Ritalin etc. and always kept
      themselves under real tight control during meetings, when I would
      see them at church or school etc. But I remember seeing one kid,
      when we got to a campsite, dropped his pack and ran back and forth
      discovering everything, yelling and whooping. he had finally reached
      a place where it was alright to let go. For about fifteen minutes he
      discovered the creek, the beaver dam, the pond, the dead tree with
      the hollow in it, the yellowjacket nest, the hill, the willows, as
      he ran back and forth seeing everything around. It was exausting
      watching him, but one of the high points of my 20 years of scouting.
      The kid could be himself. After his fifteen minutes of exileration,
      he put his tent up, started working on supper, and was happy just to
      sit there contented.


      Yeah but did he take all his clothes off while doing this? LOL

      Oh and did he piss off the yellow jackets?
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