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6200Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Strapping

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  • Rick
    Jun 28, 2004
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      Ralph Oborn wrote:

      >good point. an 8x 10 blue tarp $4.00.
      >As you can tell I'm still in the preliminary stage, I haven't
      >thought this all the way through yet so input from the list is
      >beneficial. The question I wrestle with is: Should I do something
      >quick, cheap and easy from material they already have or go for
      >higher quality and a little more money? To be honest anything we
      >make will not be used more than a few times in the next couple of
      >years. There are probably a couple of scouts who will continue and
      >want to upgrade (start making their own etc. I've seen this in
      >snowshoes we made and a few other ideas.
      >Thanks for the post reference I'll go back and look, meanwhile I'm
      >in the muddled stage while I gather more information.
      >PS. Just got back on an overnighter, with the little beasties,
      >Friday night to Saturday. Cooking on a fire, Snipe hunts, bats,
      >owls, pretty little meadow, no computers, no phones, strung my HH
      >between two aspen trees next to the creek ahhhhhh
      My $.02:

      There is little difference in cost. The blue tarps will seem cheap,
      heavy, and bulky. If you just want cheap, there are almost always
      polyester fabrics at WalMart which would be much more compact and
      comfortable than a tarp available for $1 a yard.

      For a description of the full set-up, see:


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