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6165Rec'd - Down Air Mattress

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  • Bill Fornshell
    Jun 24, 2004
      I ordered my DAM from Stephensons on 28 May and rec'd
      it yesterday. Three weeks as stated by Stephensons.

      As a side note, I asked them about a short DAM and was
      told they can change the length but not the width.
      They can make a shorter version of any standard DAM.
      Call them if you want a DAM shorter than the 4
      standard lengths.

      Mine is the model 64 which means it is 74" by 26". I
      read the instructions sort of and tried to blow it up.
      45 minutes still trying. I re-read the instructions.
      Amazing how things work when you do it according to
      the instructions. Less than 15 minutes it is blown
      I think the DAM will blow up laying in my hammock
      better than if it is laying on the ground. I will test
      this idea. It is made really nice and is a bright
      yellow color.

      It is still blown up but I expect to let the air out
      soon and weigh it. Then I will try and blow it up
      everyday or so to get that part down pat. It has been
      raining here the last few days and when this passes
      over I will hang my hammock and see how the DAM works
      in it. I want to see how it works in warm weather to
      see if it will work year round or just if it is cool
      or cold.

      Bill in Texas

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