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6042RE: [Hammock Camping] Mosquito Hammock report

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  • Chet Clocksin
    Jun 8 1:48 PM
      Thanks for the report, particularly the construction notes. It sounds like a nice deal for $60 bucks.
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      Subject: [Hammock Camping] Mosquito Hammock report

      Hey hangers:

      Since it incorporates most of the features I like, I went ahead and
      got myself a Mosquito Hammock.


      I put it up in my back yard this weekend, to try it out. Here are
      some points that struck me.

      First, the construction is forehead-slappingly simple. When it
      arrived, I opened the hammock and spread it out on the floor. It
      consists of three layers of material, all (roughly) the same
      dimensions -- 3 ft 10 inches by 8 ft.

      The first layer is the outer body. The second layer is the inner
      body. The third layer is the bug netting. All layers are sewn
      together around three edges, with casings at the short edges.

      Along the fourth edge, the inner body layer is loose, and the outer
      body layer and bug net are joined by a full-length zipper. I don't
      know how to classify the zipper correctly, but it has two heads that
      face each other, just as you'd imagine it should.

      The hanging ropes -- tubular nylon -- pass through the casings, as
      on the Tropical Hammock.

      The bug netting has grossgrain strips running across it in two
      places, about 1-1/2 feet in from either end. Loops on these strips
      are used to hold the netting up to form an interior space. A length
      of shock cord and nylon mason's string is attached to both netting
      pullout strips.

      With the exception of the bug netting it's almost identical to a
      Tropical Hammock, being just a tad wider. Hanging it was no problem.

      At first I attached the bug net pullout strings to the trees, but
      later just looped them over the tarp lines and back onto themselves.
      Since my tarp dimensions are stable, I may remove the mason's twine
      and terminate the shock cord with a mitten clip.

      Everthing about the hammock seems first-rate. Materials are good,
      workmanship is perfect. My only complaints are with the bug netting
      itself. It seems too fragile and prone to "picks." Also, it's light
      or cream colored, and harder to see out of than a dark color would
      be. (You can see the distributor's answers to these complaints at
      his web site.)

      The hammock was really comfortable. I slipped a pad in between the
      layers to make sure there were no surprises, but it was too hot to
      leave in. So I got to luxuriate in the raw hammock.

      I found it best to fully unzip the netting to get in or out. This
      gives the net plenty of slack. Once in, it's easy to grab the
      zippers and close up, but I made it even easier by attaching a short
      cord to the bottom zipper pull.

      I think this hammock has many of the best features of the Speer and
      Hennessy hammocks, combined. The only thing missing is an interior
      ridge line for hanging up personal items.

      You can also pitch the hammock upside down, with the netting on the
      bottom for daylight lounging, then turn it over, attach the bug net
      shock cords, and have an integral but net for nighttime sleeping.

      If the vendor comes out with a darker netting material, I'm going to
      buy another one before the prices take off.

      I weighed it (in the bag) at 2 lbs 2 oz on our postal meter.


      PS: I'm certain many of us could lash one of these together in an
      evening. I've even thought about just tying the three layers
      together, with an extra width of netting tucked between the two body
      layers to "seal" it along the long edges. But for $60.00 you just
      can't go wrong.

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