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6003Re: [Hammock Camping] Jacks r Better Nest

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  • Rick
    Jun 4, 2004
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      I've heard lots of words on this underquilt. I'd love to see someone or
      several someones go to the trouble of writing an Owner Review for BGT.
      It really is not all that hard, and would be of great value to the
      hammock community.


      simva4040 wrote:

      >Just wanted to give a mid-term report on the Jacks r Better Nest
      >(underquilt), post this last weeks section hike from BuenaVista to
      >Rockfish Gap on the AT I now have 15 backcountry (versus the
      >backyard) nights using the Nest.
      >The mid-term grade (and I dont expect the final exam to differ) is
      >9.9 out of 10 (would give it a ten but what if God made an UQ for me)
      >Coldest temp so far: 37F
      >uses: obviously as an underquilt but also as a top quilt on a quick
      >stopover at a shelter for a nap, and as a throw/vest in the a.m. to
      >knock off the chill before getting dressed
      >I look forward to the return of winter where we can test the limits
      >of the Nest, and I look forward to the extremes of January and
      >February to test the combinaion of the Nest and the Speer Pod- an
      >obvious combination for those who have both Speer and HH systems.
      >In the hammockcamping/hiking world we should laud PeterPan and Smee
      >(owners,designers of the Nest) for making it possible/affordable for
      >HH users to enjoy cooler weather hammocking.
      >I'm sure it is well known that Tom Hennessey is soon to place
      >his 'winter solution' on the market, I am also curious how the Nest
      >will work with it as well. By the looks of the pic that Sgt. rock
      >posted at Whiteblaze the Nest appears to be compatable with it too.
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