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5951Re: Do you seam seal hems ? (Was : More tarps and under/over quilts made...)

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  • Matthew Takeda
    May 29, 2004
      ciyd01 wrote:
      >My concern would be that the silnylon would stretch more than the
      >cross grain ribbon and cause areas for water to pool. The extra
      >strength on the ridgeline would be nice for the reasons you
      >mention. How has the tarp worked in the rain?

      I'm using bias tape on the tarp I'm making now, since I think it should
      have no problems with stretch (it may also be lighter than grosgrain
      ribbon, but the difference is probably too small to matter). I'll report
      back after it's made and tested in the field. I also usually spray silicone
      on the stitching in silnylon, since I figure the silicone will soak into
      the stitching and at least partially waterproof the seam.

      Matthew Takeda
      the JOAT
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