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5950Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: DAM w/Hammock (was) Mosquito Hammock--the Newest Camping Hammock available!

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  • Rick
    May 28 7:38 PM
      Bill Fornshell wrote:

      >Well to answer my own question, I called Stephenson's
      >and they suggest just putting the DAM in the hammock
      >and just getting in on top of it. They have 7oz of
      >Down in them, but they don't know what the "R" rating
      >might be. The size I would get weighs 23oz. This is
      >much lighter than the Exped at around 40oz. For winter
      >hiking along the AT the DAM and my Down quilt should
      >work well in my hammock and if I need or want to sleep
      >in a Shelter the DAM should work well on the hard
      >floors also.
      >Anyone see a problem with this set-up?? Thanks. Bill
      Does 23 oz count as a problem or as 23 problems?

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