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5949Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Do you seam seal hems ? (Was : More tarps and under/over quilts made...)

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  • Rick
    May 28, 2004
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      Mirage wrote:

      >--- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ralph Oborn"
      ><polecatpop@y...> wrote:
      >>Just a thought from someone who has not touched a sewing machine
      >>(wife won't let me). Would it be easier to roll the edge if you
      >>rolled it around something and then slid it out?
      >>Small dowel, soda straw, knitting needle, cord or wire.... etc?
      >>I am probably once again showing my ignorance. I am in awe of the
      >>stuff I see in the pictures.
      >Actually, they make (for most machines) a rolled hem foot that takes
      >the fabric and rolls it just before it get to the needle.
      >It works great on traditional fabrics, and with some practice, I
      >might be able to do it to to my satisfaction. When I tried it, the
      >slick nature of the SilNylon made it difficult at best. I think
      >though, with some more practice, and a larger rolled hem foot, it
      >would be doable.
      >Shane "Mirage"...
      I actually find it quite easy to roll the hem on the fly, without pins.
      I just need to keep the width of the hem even with the gage on the
      footplate of the sewing machine. I don't seamseal the hems, because I
      want the water which *will* collect there, a wick to leave the seam.
      The thread acts as that wick. On the ridgeline, I use a little silicone
      sealer disolved in white gas, painted lightly on both inside and outside
      with a brush. The effect is to get the threads to take up enough
      silicone to be very water repellant.

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