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5944Re: [Hammock Camping] 7th SHHA Campout

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  • Rick
    May 28, 2004
      papajohnhikes wrote:

      >We are starting at Fontana on the 12th. Here is the schedule:
      >Mollies Ridge
      >Derrick Knob
      >Mt. Collins
      >Pecks Corner
      >Cosby Knob
      >Standing Bear Farm
      >Do you have your reservations already?
      Just got back from half the smoky mts as well as the miles between there
      and springer.

      Moly's Ridge: Great shelter, recently renovated. Cage is gone.
      Translucent pannel in roof. Water source pretty good, slow piped spring.

      Derrick Knob: not renovated, but decent. Great water source. Lots of
      deer interested in seeing if anyone has anything to give them. Just
      north of Derrick Knob, LOTs of pig activity. I saw two official park
      pig hunters whiile I was out.

      The whole trail once on top, is lined with thigh high grass and
      occasional poison ivy. Good high gaiters are especially useful when the
      grass is wet. Despite OR gaiters and gortex shoes, my feet got soaked
      the morning after a hard rain.

      You have not chosen to stay at some real pits. Good for you.

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