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5895Kids in Hammocks...

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  • Mirage
    May 26, 2004
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      Just to bring the discussion back onto the subject of Hammocks...

      I made a few smaller sized hammocks for my boys a few months back,
      and they would occasionally ask to set it up in the play room, which
      I would do.

      Well last week, my oldest aske to sleep in it over night in his
      room. Of course the youngest had to follow. The first night they
      lasted about 2 hours before they ended up bak in thier beds, but
      since then, they have slept every night in the hammocks the whole

      The youngest even takes his naps in his.

      My daugter is asking for her hammock too, but she is a bit young to
      be able to safely and quickly get out in an emergency (I make sure
      they can get out in the dark in case there were a fire). Soon
      enough though, she too will be ready...

      I know others here sleep in thier hammocks for health or comfort
      reasons, but does anyone have kids who have taken to the Hammock for

      Shane "Mirage"...