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  • Coy
    May 10, 2004
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      All depends on the size of your pocketknife. See photo I just
      uploaded to Coy Boys photo alblum.

      Coy Boy
      PS OK I admit it ain't exactly a pocketknife. I like it though.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ralph Oborn"
      <polecatpop@y...> wrote:
      > I would like to respectivly disagree with COY,
      > Lightning follows the path of least resistance between the clouds
      > and the ground, air is a poor conductor, metal and salty water
      > solutions (skin full of blood, (people)) are good conductors, Wet
      > wood is a fair conductor.
      > Lightning is not attracted to metal like pocket knives unless it
      > shortens the path between ground and cloud, which it doesn't in
      > pocket. If you were to stand on a bluff, holding your pocket knife
      > high during a storm it might get hit, but even without the knife
      > you'd probably get it.
      > You can reduce risk by not hanging on ridge lines and peaks, not
      > picking the tallest tree around (the one with the lightning scars)
      > but don't worry about metal buckles or knives.
      > If you pay attention, you can get lightning warning, those of you
      > with hair will notice it starting to stand on end. Crouch down on a
      > low spot immediatly, you are about to become part of the path.
      > A car is one of the safest places to be, not because of the rubber
      > tires as many believe, but because the metal body makes a "Faraday
      > Cage" where all the charge goes on the outside surface.
      > Ralph
      > PS Many lightning bolts go up, not down.
      > I should
      > > leave all metal objects well away from my campsite ie hiking
      > poles,
      > > pocket knife, pack frame etc... preferably in my pack coverd by a
      > > plastic garbage bag. That said I have slept through a few
      > > thunderstorms with my hiking poles leaning closeby and my pack
      > under
      > > me.
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