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  • Coy
    May 10, 2004
      I dont have a pat answer but basically (if expecting storms) I try to
      avoid hanging from tall trees or close to tall trees. I try to avoid
      ridges and bluffs but this is difficult in many areas. I should
      leave all metal objects well away from my campsite ie hiking poles,
      pocket knife, pack frame etc... preferably in my pack coverd by a
      plastic garbage bag. That said I have slept through a few
      thunderstorms with my hiking poles leaning closeby and my pack under
      me. I do sometimes take a small radio, specially if expecting bad
      weather. I dont think it is big enough to attract lightning and I
      can keep abreast of the storms. I worry more about tronados than
      lightning though stats prove lightning is much more dangerious. But
      I can offset the lightning likelyhood. Tornados seem to have a mind
      of thier own. I have even read to avoid overhangs (large rocks or
      under bluffs) with a place to get under out of the rain. Something
      about the rocks mineral content attracting lightning. I got caught
      in a severe lightning storm once with several kids. We were swimming
      at the swimming hole. We hightailed it to a large overhang and
      watched the storm knock over small trees and saw ligtning hit one
      tree. Several parents waited in cars at the top of the bluff crying.
      We were about halfway down in the holler under our rock. We wanted to
      get home but the storm got really bad so we opted to seek the cover
      of the overhang. We started heading home when we first heard the
      thunder but it moved in real fast. No warnings were out when we left
      but there was a "chance of thunderstorms" in the forcast. But I have
      since taken one of the kids involved on a 3 day backpacking trip.
      The others have all returned to the holler so i guess no hard feeling
      were kept. They sure were scared (the parents) at the time. Sort of
      rambling here at the end. sorry

      Coy Boy

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      <shadesofblue33@y...> wrote:
      > I'm just curious, how do you handle storms/lightening. I know the
      > basics of getting off an exposed ridge. How far off the ridge do
      > go to feel safe? If the storm happens in the middle of the night,
      > you abandon camp, or strike camp and move to a lower elevation. Do
      > you take a weather radio? Do you set up each camp keeping a
      > storm in mind. Last year I usually pushed for a shelter, but since
      > I've begun hammock camping....I really try to avoid shelters. By
      > way Ed.....your advice on keeping warm worked. My AT trip in mid
      > April was really wet, but I was warm. The hammock was great.
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