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  • Coy
    May 2, 2004
      Hi Marsanne

      I know all about forgetting how to tie knots. Especially when you
      get in the woods and the handy web page, Shanes vidio, or Dave W are
      not around to show you step by step. I finally figgured out how to
      remember the figgure 8 after getting it right, then wrong a few
      different times. Last say you have put the free end through both
      loops in the tree hugger strap. You now have one line going back to
      the hammock (standing line) and another hanging down a few feet. no
      matter which side the free end is on go over the standing line (the
      one headed back to the hammock) then pull the rope in a C or backward
      C (depending on the side you started on) around the standing line.
      Now go over the C making it an O. Continue over the place where the
      tree huggers meet, straight down and out to the front again. You
      now are back to where you were the first time. Repeat this 3 times
      and it will hold under just about any load. I'm sure youve masterd it
      by now but this could help sombody else.

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "firefly" <firefly@e...> wrote:
      > Kathy,
      > Welcome. I strongly suggest you go to the HH website, look up
      Shane's video,
      > study it carefully, MAKE SURE you are doing the knot right. I have
      > practice knots over and over and over and OVER again to get them
      down. I
      > found I was sagging, too, thinking I had the knot right, but I
      didn't. It's
      > a bit counter intuitive because you are bringing the line up and
      over the
      > line, as opposed to over and down. But it is bomb proof once you
      have it
      > right. It will be worth the effort. What I enjoy the most, besides
      a full
      > night's sleep, is converting other campers. At dinner yesterday
      with my
      > paddling club I was talking with a guy who is just about to go get
      a HH. I
      > told him to get Ed's book, and then make a decision. I like Ed's
      > and the HH. It depends on where you are going. Just WAIT until the
      > time you are on a campout with people in tents on either uneven or
      rocky or
      > muddy ground and they are all whining the next morning and you
      slept great!
      > It happens to me all the time!
      > Marsanne
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      > I'm a hammock camping wannabe. I've been backpacking for six
      years, here in
      > Indiana and section hiking the AT. I've never been real
      comfortable on the
      > ground or in a shelter, even with a Thermarest, so I want to give
      hammocks a
      > try.
      > Kathy K
      > aka Ragamuffin
      > Indianapolis
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