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5595RE: [Hammock Camping] Mosquito Free Hammock Bliss & Mosquito Net Cocoon

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  • firefly
    May 2, 2004

      I have your double hammock, too, and LOVE it! I have a back yard shade rigged and that’s where I keep it. I made one modification, which was critical. I replaced those small, short ropes with larger ones. Eventually I will replace them with straps.



      Ed Speer posted a message on May 1st about his adding our company, Hammock Bliss, to
      his list of Hammock Manufacturers.  I spoke to Ed a few weeks ago as he has enjoyed our
      Double Size hammock.  He suggested that I join the hammock camping yahoo group
      which I have.

      We have two new products that might interest many of you.  The first is called Mosquito
      Free Hammock Bliss.  It is made of nylon parachute material, is 57" x 118" and has a
      mosquito net sewn into one side of the hammock.  It has 100 inches of rope per side
      included to hang the hammock and 100 inches of cord to suspend the net above the
      sleeping space.  It all fits into an attached stuff sack and weighs only 24 oz.

      Our other new item is called Hammock Bliss Mosquito Net Cocoon.  This is a mosquito net
      sized 118" long x 56" high x 56"  wide and offers 360 degree bug protection for the
      hammock and occupant inside.  It has 100 inches of cord to suspend the net, it has its
      own 8x10 inch attached bag and it weighs only 11oz.  This Net Cocoon works great with
      our Hammock Bliss Single or Double size hammock but can also work fine with many other

      Ed wanted me to mention that our Hammock Bliss Double is a very large 80 inches wide by
      118 inches long, again has its own rope and attached stuff sack and weights only 21 oz.

      You can check out any of these hammocks in more detail with pictures at

      If anyone in the group has used any of the Hammock Bliss hammocks please tell us all
      about your experiences.


      Dov Frazer

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