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5579New Camping Hammocks Manufacturers

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  • Ed Speer
    May 1 5:44 AM
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      I've recently been in touch with two new camping hammock
      manufacturers! Since I define a camping hammock as one that comes
      with a bug net and rain canopy, many recreation hammocks don't pass
      the test. However, I gladly add the following two companies to my
      list of serious Camping Hammock Manufacturers:

      Hammock Bliss New bugnet accessories recently available, tarp planned
      http://www.way2coolgifts.com Tucson, AZ

      Ticket To The Moon Bug net and tarp available for some time already
      http://www.ticketothemoon.com (note spelling of address) Bali,

      Both of these manufacturers have been on my list of "Hammocks
      Adaptable for Camping" for some time since they are lightweight nylon
      hammocks and bug nets and tarps could easily be added.

      Anyone with experience with these hammocks? --let us hear from
      you....Ed Moderator, Hammock Camping-L