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5578Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: European stealth camping

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  • Rick
    May 1, 2004
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      Per-Arne Asp wrote:

      >Hi hangers.
      >Here in Sweden (northen Europe) we have an ancient informal 'law'
      >called 'all mens right'.
      >This ensures you to stay one (1) night on whatever property you want,
      >private or not, as long as you do it out of sight of houses, not in a
      >fenced area etc. You are free to pick berries, mushroms, fallen
      >branches etc for immediate use. There are of course also several
      >responsibilities connected to this
      >set of rights but if you camp according to the 'leave no trace'
      >program then you're safe...
      Now that is a concept! I really wish we had something similar.

      BTW, for our european members, are all those lovely forests in Germany
      open to that sort of LNT stealth camping?

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