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5577Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: LiteHammock is born

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  • Rick
    May 1, 2004
      neptunebeach wrote:

      >So if the insulation has to be absolutely up against you, (sound of hand
      >hitting forehead) the separate and removable underquilts will be fairly
      >inefficient since they are difficult to suspend hard up against the bottom
      >of the hammock. The only way to make an efficient insulated hammock is for
      >the hammock to BE the lower part of the sleeping bag. How about attaching
      >(sewing) a set of differential cut baffles directly to the weight-bearing
      >surface of the hammock, with the second layer suspended below that and your
      >favorite insulation material filling the void. I would think that would
      >keep the insulation uniformly around you while using minimal extra material
      >to provide the insulation effect. You would essentially have a built-in
      >lower half of a sleeping bag as part of your hammock, as you did with your
      >warm hammock, but using lighter weight materials and more complete coverage.
      >The outermost material would have to be fairly wind resistant as well, like
      >the top of a bivy .The top insulation layer should only require the top half
      >of a sleeping bag, a quilt.
      >I'm guessing you've already thought of all that. Thanks for the opportunity
      >to catch up with you.
      >Hi Rick in FL,

      LOL... Well said Rick...

      See: http://www.imrisk.com/hammock/warmhammock.htm

      Rick in Ohio
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