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5574Re: [Hammock Camping] European stealth camping

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  • robi
    Apr 30, 2004

      As to getting around Europe... hm, I have slept on benches, in parks, in
      trains stations on beaches and in hostels all over europe and never really
      had any problems.

      I cannot forsee you being arrested as Firefly mentions... The only time i
      ever got hassled was when i slept on a beach that closes at night... the
      police woke me up and told me to get a move on....

      As far as Youth Hostels go... many have an age limit and most are cheaper
      than hotels because you pay for a bed, not a room... could mean sharnig a
      room with 10 others, but hey, it's cheaper than a double at most

      To be honest, even at my age - I'm 35 - I would have no problems with
      heading out my door here in Budapest to anywhere ni Europe and just wing
      it.. i am sure i will find nice ppl who will put me up or cheap hostels or
      places to camp....

      check out the lonely planet guide books, they tend to have tons of info on
      cheap sleeps... maybe even have some on camping now...

      Also, I have stayed in a fair number of European camp grounds, ranging
      from someones back yard to full fledge camp grounds with swimming pools,
      beaches and showers, stores and resturanrs.. most had trees, but then i
      was not into hammocking so i do know if you could hang in them...

      I say, just get your bike and hammock to Europe and start riding...

      figure out the routes you want to take, keeping wind in mind and go for
      it! Just keep open to route changing and be willing to go off on a whim
      some place unplanned. you will have a blast....

      Now for specific stealth camping ni Hungary... well, not many ppl do it
      here, except fishermen. so any big river will be fine... there are tons of
      ppl who set up a tent and stay for days on end along the Danube and the
      Tisza... pick a spot you like, go to down, have dinner and a drink, ride
      back to your spot after dark, set up hammock and sleep.. wake up, take a
      dip in the river, dry, pack, ride.. repeat....

      have fun


      On Thu, 29 Apr 2004 14:46:39 -0500, firefly <firefly@...> wrote:

      > Yahoo has some hiking groups based in England. One, which is very nice,
      > is
      > called “Fellwalking”. Also, except for the European component, lots of us
      > have asked similar questions, and many answers can be found by checking
      > our
      > group archives. Plug the topic into the search engine. This will save you
      > some time and make it easier for those here who would be delighted to
      > help
      > you. The best resource of all, though, is Ed Speer’s book and website.
      > Check out www.hammockcamping.com <http://www.hammockcamping.com/> . I
      > have
      > limited experience in England. They don’t do a lot of what they call
      > “wild
      > camping” because the pubs are too close together. Personally, I would not
      > risk arrest in a foreign country, even a friendly one like England. You
      > might check out youth hostels. I never thought I would stay in one, but
      > they
      > ’re all over Europe, in some fine locations. They are often overrun with
      > local schoolchildren in the summer, but that comes with the territory.
      > Firefly.
      > I'm a newbie to this group but I belong to other cycling groups.
      > I've been trying to get some answers to stealth camping questions.
      > I'm considering an extended European bike trip and to broaden my
      > resources (read money) I am considering some stealth camping on the
      > way. No cooking and when it's miserable out or I need to wash up,
      > I'll check into a B&B.
      > I'm considering purchasing the Hennessey Explorer Ultralite A-Sym.
      > Will water seep into the hammock if I don't use my dirty socks as
      > drip lines on the straps as some suggest?
      > How do I choose a good stealth sight? On an idyllic trip, I would
      > find a sight in the late afternoon, take a nap, go into town for a
      > meal and a couple of pints at the pub and roll back just after
      > closing. Is this a day dream?
      > Are there other alternatives to slinging between two trees?
      > ...I've
      > seen the pictures and I don't have two elephants or two Land
      > Rovers.
      > So I'm looking for advice from those of you with European stealth
      > experience. Tell me stories, warn me what to look out for.

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