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5563European stealth camping

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  • stokell2003
    Apr 29, 2004
      I'm a newbie to this group but I belong to other cycling groups.
      I've been trying to get some answers to stealth camping questions.
      I'm considering an extended European bike trip and to broaden my
      resources (read money) I am considering some stealth camping on the
      way. No cooking and when it's miserable out or I need to wash up,
      I'll check into a B&B.
      I'm considering purchasing the Hennessey Explorer Ultralite A-Sym.
      Will water seep into the hammock if I don't use my dirty socks as
      drip lines on the straps as some suggest?
      How do I choose a good stealth sight? On an idyllic trip, I would
      find a sight in the late afternoon, take a nap, go into town for a
      meal and a couple of pints at the pub and roll back just after
      closing. Is this a day dream?
      Are there other alternatives to slinging between two trees?
      seen the pictures and I don't have two elephants or two Land
      So I'm looking for advice from those of you with European stealth
      experience. Tell me stories, warn me what to look out for.
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