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5560Re: [Hammock Camping] where to put the pack, using a hammock

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  • Dick Matthews
    Apr 29, 2004

      I put everything in a garbage bag inside my pack and use lines to suspend the
      pack in the trees as a "rodent bag." Rig the "rodent bag" before dark because
      it is a real PITA to do it with your headlamp.

      My fanny pack with emergency equipment and sanitary supplies is snapped over
      the foot end of the hammock line. On the head end of the hammock line I have
      a single clothes clip where I hang the socks that I wore that day. On the
      foot end of the hammock line I have 2 clothes clips that hold my rain jacket
      and hat. The clothes clips are the way that I can tell the difference between
      the head and foot of the HH when in the snakeskins.

      Glasses and red LED light goes in the mesh bag on the ridge line.

      My shoes are loosely laced so that I can wear them as slippers and they are on
      the TYVEK ground cloth below the hammock.

      The only items that are loose in the body of the hammock are the fleece
      clothes bag that is my pillow, an insulating jacket, the sleeping bag and
      closed cell pad.

      I clip a bladder of water/iced tea to the carabiner in the head end of the
      hammock and loop the hydration tube over the ridge line.

      Way more information than you asked for.

      Dick Matthews

      bww00amdahl wrote:

      > Where does everyone stow their packs and contents when using a
      > hammock. With a tent , I just drag the pack inside, and can
      > distribute the sil bags of whatever in different areas of the tent.
      > Thanks for the help
      > Bryan Webb
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