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5549[Hammock Camping] Re: Right Jab Saves Life From Bear

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  • Mirage
    Apr 28, 2004
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "firefly" <firefly@e...>
      > Matthew, your technique might have worked, but just barely. And
      the wounds,
      > had he failed, would have been unbearable, especially on bare
      skin. I cannot
      > bare the thought of such a thing.
      > Marsanne
      > Dang! I thought maybe it was a story about someone scaring a bear
      off with
      > networking software.
      > Matthew Takeda
      > the JOAT

      Possibly the best "Novell" defense would have been "Mono", but then
      again, this might only make the bear lethargic, take his time while
      he eats you... ;)

      Shane "Mirage"...

      PS: Mono is an OpenSource project now "owned" by Novell since the
      primary developer, Miquel de Icaza, works for them. Of course we
      are WAY OT now...
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