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5513Re: LiteHammock is born

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  • Risk
    Apr 25, 2004
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "m0an" <ratdog@h...> wrote:
      > Risk,
      > I've been thinking about building your quarterweight with a single
      > layer bottom for a while now, glad to see your yet again doing my R&D
      > for me ;)
      > Was wondering how the 1.9oz has been treating you..... I currently
      > weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 130lbs and that will melt to
      > 115 or below once I start hiking more... I've been thinking of using a
      > single layer of 1.1oz, do you think I could get away with it since I
      > am so small?

      I don't have any experience with a single layer of 1.1 oz. I weigh
      200 lb. Ed is a little lighter than I am, maybe someplace inbetween
      us or closer to you. He says that the 1.1 will eventually fail.
      > Also, I see your using a single width of 1.1 for your tarp, is
      > 60inches enough width for you to get the edges below the bottom of
      > your hammock? Is it wide enough to use as a taco shell to go
      > underneath and around the hammock when its cold?

      Of course the tarp is 1.3 oz silnylon... 5 feet is plenty wide for me
      to go through thunderstorms with big wind. For such nights, I set the
      ridgeline and the hammock straps up at the same height. The side of
      the tarp toward the wind ends up pushing against the side of my
      hammock, but the rain goes under it.

      Ray's Garlington Insulator is standard 5 feet wide. So it is plenty
      wide. I've not used the GI for about a year... I don't believe I
      have used it since I began cutting my hammocks to 4 feet wide.
      > and an idea for your pad pocket... do you really need 4ft to stabalize
      > the pad inside? wouldnt a 4ftx1ft pocket that would hold the very
      > bottom of the pad keep it from moving around too much?

      The main problem I have with the pads is not moving the long direction
      in the hammock, but the short way. They pop out from under me. The
      cloth I am using now does two things:
      - keeps the pad from popping out the side
      - more importantly, it reduces my push on the pad from sticking to my
      clothes. This allows it to stay in place.

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