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5511Re: LiteHammock is born

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  • m0an
    Apr 25, 2004

      I've been thinking about building your quarterweight with a single
      layer bottom for a while now, glad to see your yet again doing my R&D
      for me ;)

      Was wondering how the 1.9oz has been treating you..... I currently
      weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 130lbs and that will melt to
      115 or below once I start hiking more... I've been thinking of using a
      single layer of 1.1oz, do you think I could get away with it since I
      am so small?

      Also, I see your using a single width of 1.1 for your tarp, is
      60inches enough width for you to get the edges below the bottom of
      your hammock? Is it wide enough to use as a taco shell to go
      underneath and around the hammock when its cold?

      and an idea for your pad pocket... do you really need 4ft to stabalize
      the pad inside? wouldnt a 4ftx1ft pocket that would hold the very
      bottom of the pad keep it from moving around too much?

      - alex
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