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5510RE: [Hammock Camping] Insulation for an underquilt

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  • firefly
    Apr 25, 2004


      I don’t know anything about insulation, but I was delighted at how toasty warm I was with the system I used on the Buffalo River. This incorporated 2 reflective layers and two closed cell foam pads. One layer was inside the hammock and the other outside it. I was not at all sure this would work, I was prepared to sleep on the ground if I had to, but it did. See my post a week ago.




      I am ready to make my underquilt, as summer is quickly approaching,
      and I need to know what you all think might be the best to use for
      the insulation, Thinsulate Lite Loft (a la Ed speers' system) or
      Primaloft UQ Sport? Both seem to be in the same catagory. Both are
      about the same thickness and price for the 200 gram. So which is
      better? I also plan on adding a reflective blanket added to the
      layers to help with lowering the temp rating.  Any input would be
      helpful.  Thanks......


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