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5455TNF Nuptse dowm blanket

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  • matthulbert
    Apr 18, 2004
      I bought one of these blankets on Ebay (like a few others here), but I
      haven't taken it out yet. I'm going hiking this weekend, but I haven't
      decided if I'm going to take it (I may take my synthetic blanket if I
      finish it in time).

      I don't yet have a scale. Has anyone weighed their blanket yet? With
      18 oz of fill it seems like it should weigh about 24-28 oz.

      I'm going to be testing a bunch of new gear I've made this winter:
      Double bottom hammock, TravelPod, and Tarp.

      The TravelPod is quite a contraption! I mostly used Risk's plans, but
      I added a strap that goes from the ends up to the bugnet D-ring (The
      hammock mostly follows the plan from Ed's book) to keep it from
      creeping in toward the middle. I made the strap using 1" webbing,
      which is complete overkill, but it was all I had laying around with
      the necessary hardware.

      I'll take pictures later after I test it to see how it works. It seems
      like there's too much baggyness at the bottom, but I can't tell on my
      low-rider hammock stand here at home. It seems like I have 4-6 inches
      of sag in the travelpod.
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