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5445Underquilt from PeterPan/Smee recieved.

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  • simva4040
    Apr 16, 2004
      For a mini-review of this underquilt go to whiteblaze.net and look
      under hammock camping. Also several pics of this quilt are in the
      photo section under MedicineMan.
      The reciept of this UQ post the WhiteKnight experience was uplifting.
      PeterPan is a NASA reseacher and avid AT hiker. The UQ in a nutshell
      is quite professional in its stitching and component selection. The
      mini-test I gave it last night and also recorded at whiteblaze is a
      bit late in the season, though 38 degrees is nice enough. One beauty
      of their selection of dimensions is that it is rectangular in free
      form and approximates the HH shape via shock cords and does so very
      well indeed from a air penetrations standpoint.
      The WhiteKnight experience was the first time I have been ripped off
      via the internet, it is good to know that PeterPan and Smee are out
      there restoring my faith in garage industries.

      p.s. any questions or need pics dont hesitate to ask, also others
      including the venerable Sgt. Rock have recieved same, look to them
      for more complete/further reviews.
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