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  • Shawnee
    Apr 12, 2004

      I couldn't believe there was actually a Yahoo group on this topic! I LOVE
      hammock camping!

      I discovered it when I bought, on a whim, the "Traveler" hammock (that
      lightweight blue parachute cloth one by Byer) for $20 at the sports store.
      Thought it might be "fun" on my trip to Wyoming.

      Well the first night was a pleasant evening so I hung the hammock from the
      roll bars of my Jeep Wrangler and to a nearby tree. I slept like a baby,
      and never opened my little tent the whole trip!

      I have some as-yet undiagnosed neurological disease, most likely multiple
      sclerosis, which sometimes makes me uncomfortable, and I found the hammock
      to be so comfy I bought a big cotton one and it hangs in my bedroom for
      nights when I just can't get comfortable in my regular bed.

      I do find them to be cold, with the air coming in from underneath, and I've
      joined, it seems in the middle of a conversation about underquilts and
      whatnot. I have thought about making my own hammock lined with down (Using
      a canvas or other sturdy material for the "base" and adding a down quilt,
      swen to it for insulation). I will be camping up in the Teton range and in
      Yellowston and western Wyoming come mid0June and despite a nice toasty (but
      huge) sleeping bag, I might be cold.. they still get snow there sometimes
      in June.

      I saw on the hammocks.com website the "Madera Stand" which they wanted like
      $79 for. YIKES. The very next day I spotted in the neighbor's trash 3 big
      1.5" dowels sticking up from their can. So I nabbed 'em and made my own
      stand, using a wingnut, cost me, what, $2.00 at best? Works great. I
      already had some sturdy staked to hobble a mule to, made from sawed off
      green metal t-posts, with a steel ring run thru them.

      So now I can hang anywhere. Where I usually go, Wyoming, there are few if
      any trees. (at least the part I have travaled the most of, which is the
      Oregon Trail corridor, it is but flat sagebrush prairie there) I use the
      Jeep (also known as Big Dan) rollbars as one end, the homemade Madera stand
      on the other. I have also tied to some fencing along a remote section of
      the trail. It's nice to not have to rely on perfectly spaced trees and
      also to fear doing harm to a tree.

      The Madera stand I made also doubles as a shower holder when I stand it in
      my jeep, throw the Sun Shower on the top... I shower next to the Jeep.

      Well this is an interesting group, I've written enough for now.

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