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537RE: Hammock Camping re: re: Hand Warmers

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  • Ed Speer
    Feb 10, 2003
      Thanks Stephanie, I hope to try some new Hot Hands soon.  I'm very intrigued by the long-lasting, light weight warmers...ED
      Hi Ed,

      The handwarmers I used were also HeatMax but they are called "foot
      warmups". They weigh 1.5 oz for a 2 pack in packaging.
      The instructions say they will have max heat of 110F for 6 hours but they
      sure felt hotter than that to me. And lasted longer. Now, I remember I had
      two different sized and so the other ones were probably the "hothands",
      which an internet search says lasts up to 10 hours at 135 or so, ..I can't
      find those now though.  I'm pretty sure the foot warmer ones were the ones
      I used though.  I saw they had a 5 year shelf life. I'd try again if I were

      The reusable kind of warmers, I'm not positive, but think that they last a
      much shorter time, like an hour or two. I looked on internet but none of
      the places I looked at that sell them mentioned how long they last. Which
      amazes me since that is a very pertinent piece of information and ought to
      be included in ads for the product!

      I slept in my hammock again at about 32 degrees last night. It's the crazy
      crib and used a 3/4 Ridgerest and a 23 inch wide 3/8 inch blue foam pad.  I
      have a 15 degree bag that I use as a quilt with the foot zipped up so my
      feet are in a foot pocket.My shoulders and hips are wide and I'm tired of
      trying to stay perfectly positioned to stay on them and keep from getting
      cold spots.  I got another piece I use like a tee where my shoulders are so
      it wraps around them. I'm going to try the Target 27 inch wide pad.  If
      that doesn't work I'm going to find one of those 40 inch wide pads or else
      cut and paste    other pads together to get more width. The Crib has a pad
      sleeve but can only accept up to a 23 inch or so pad.  I was warm last
      night though. I tried sleeping in just underwear but then my legs got cold
      even if they barely touched any part of the hammock...so I ended up
      sleeping in long underwear. I bought a little cheap thermometer so that i
      could get an idea of what the temperature actually was when out
      hiking.  Unfortunately I think it's useless as it said it was 20 degrees
      and I'm sure it wasn't that cold. There was no ice in my water or anything
      at any rate. maybe it was measuring wind chill as I'm sure the wind chill
      was 20 degrees or less.  I was camped in a valley by a creek and the wind
      was gusting, calm one minute, then 20 mph or so the next. You could hear it
      coming up the valley, pretty neat.  I had my tarp set up just as a
      windbreak so I could see the stars, but the wind changed direction and so I
      was getting it full force sometimes..i didn't get cold so didn't bother to
      get up and change tarp configuration.

      I also found out how one falls out of a hammock.  I've never had any
      problem with feeling like I'm going to tip out of a hammock, and kinda
      didn't understand why people would say that was a concern.  Well for some
      reason,something about the way I entered the hammock last night the first
      time was different from what I've been doing.  Swung my legs in and
      kaplump!...before I knew what happened I'd flipped over and was on the
      ground on the other side...pretty comical really.  The only bad thing is
      that the incident tore the bug netting at the foot of the Crib (which is
      part of a BGT test).

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