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5255Marmot Venture Bag as peapod

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  • Debra Weisenstein
    Apr 2, 2004
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      I recently bought a Marmot Venture lightweight sleeping bag from
      Campmor for $59 to use around my hammock.


      Weight 1 1/2 lb, opens flat like a blanket but is tapered toward the
      feet, insulated with 5 oz of SpiraFill continuous filament insulation
      (whatever that is). The insulation is thin (maybe ~ 1/2 inch single
      layer). So far I've only tried it with the hammock set up in the
      basement, but I think this will work out well. It has no hood but an
      elastic drawstring closure, so I can leave it zipped and the
      drawstring tight and then pull it up or down over myself when I'm in
      the hammock. Should add alot of warmth like Risk's Travelpod or the
      "hammock pants". The synthetic insulation will be a plus on wet or
      muddy days (doubtless it will land in the mud sometimes when pitching
      the hammock). For summer I'm hoping that I can get away with
      something like Ed's 1 pound down quilt or a fleece bag inside it, but
      I'll have to do some testing to find out. Will also see if I can
      avoid a foam pad in the hammock by adding some clothing in the bottom
      of the Venture overbag.

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