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5249Re: [Hammock Camping] Snake Skins for a Speer?

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  • Rick
    Apr 2, 2004
      matthulbert wrote:

      >I have snake skins for my HH and they work great. I know some of you
      >have made some for your Speer hammock. Are they worth it?
      I like them. It makes it easier to put the hammock up when it is
      raining or the ground is wet. It protects the end knots from rain
      splatter. It makes it easier to put the thing in a stuff sack.

      Since it takes so little material, I'd suggest you try them and see if
      you like them.

      BTW, I call the things HammockTubes to avoid infringing on Tom
      Hennessey's TradeMark.

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