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5248RE: [Hammock Camping] Snake Skins for a Speer?

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  • Chet Clocksin
    Apr 2, 2004
      Definately worth making for the Speer. I typically leave the bugnet attached to the hammock (in bug season) and slide the snakeskins right over everything except the tarp. This gives you a nice waterproof package, and makes it easy to set up. I usually put my tarp in the back mesh pocket of my pack, so its quick to pull it out and put it up, and then pull the hammock out of my pack, lay the hammock (in the tubes) out on the ground between the trees while I tie up one side. I make my skins with two finger loops of grosgrain ribbon on the open mouth end of each tube to make deployment fast and easy. 
      Congrats on your new hammock! It feels great to make your own.
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      Subject: [Hammock Camping] Snake Skins for a Speer?

      I have snake skins for my HH and they work great. I know some of you
      have made some for your Speer hammock. Are they worth it?

      On the HH it's all-in-one design makes the snakes skins really great
      -- your whole setup is nice and dry in a tube.

      But on a Speer, the seperate tarp and bugnet makes the snake skins not
      as useful -- you pack up the hammock while under the tarp, put the
      bugnet away and take down the tarp last.

      I know they can help keep the straps dry, but that doesn't seem like
      enough upside to be worth the effort.


      P.S. I now have a double bottom hammock and a 5' x 10' tarp done. All
      I have to do now is the travel pod and the synth blanket to go under
      it. The tarp turned out great. The 1.1 oz ripstop that thru-hiker has
      is really confortable for the hammock body, too.

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