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5246Snake Skins for a Speer?

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  • matthulbert
    Apr 1, 2004
      I have snake skins for my HH and they work great. I know some of you
      have made some for your Speer hammock. Are they worth it?

      On the HH it's all-in-one design makes the snakes skins really great
      -- your whole setup is nice and dry in a tube.

      But on a Speer, the seperate tarp and bugnet makes the snake skins not
      as useful -- you pack up the hammock while under the tarp, put the
      bugnet away and take down the tarp last.

      I know they can help keep the straps dry, but that doesn't seem like
      enough upside to be worth the effort.


      P.S. I now have a double bottom hammock and a 5' x 10' tarp done. All
      I have to do now is the travel pod and the synth blanket to go under
      it. The tarp turned out great. The 1.1 oz ripstop that thru-hiker has
      is really confortable for the hammock body, too.
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