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5241Re: Using bag for underquilt / Ecotat

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  • thomaskelsonl
    Apr 1, 2004
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "dtwadsworth"
      <dwadsworth@m...> wrote:
      > Thomas,
      > Pretty amazing coincidence, I just bought that bag from the same
      > seller last week to try as an underquilt. Turns out it's only like
      > an Ecotat bag in form, not in materials, weight, or construction.
      > The seller said I should have known it wasn't an actual Ecotat bag
      > because of the price! I guess that somehow makes the misleading
      > description okay... The bag shipped was different than the ebay
      > picture (which I believe is a Wiggy's made Ecotat) and was made in
      > China for RTC Sports (the ebay seller's company). You can buy it
      > directly at rtcsports.com for $23 although I'd advise against it
      > even at that price!

      Yes - Strange - I got both the tent and the bag - they arrived
      together - the tent/bivy bag is cool, but the bag was not as
      described and I sent it back and should be getting something that at
      least looks like the picture!
      As far as the advertising - she advertised it as ecotat, so if when I
      get it is is not, I will lodge a report. I did not quesiton her use
      of the term, as the guy who invented the ecotat lives down in that
      part of the country. OK - so caveat emptor!

      > Anyway, I moved on to Plan B and bought a new North Face Nuptse
      > down blanket for ~$39 and will be trying that as an underquilt when
      > it arrives on Monday. It's only 60" x 66" but I'll attach it on
      > diagonal (should be ~89") to hopefully get enough coverage. It's
      > only 18 oz. so probably not a lot of loft but I'm only looking for
      > solution good to about 35 - 38F. I'll let the group know how this
      > test goes next week...
      > Regards,
      > David

      I saw those too - thanks for doing the research and reporting back.

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